About me

Quote: "The world is amazing, and in it all interest, in its knowledge, studying and saving of the saved-up information."
Boris Dmitriev

Hi, my name is Boris. I think to you interestingly as I became interested in the photo and what equipment I make the photos? Then this page for you.

I use equipment of Canon. At present at my order the Canon 6D camera and a number of lenses, including Canon 70-200/2.8, Canon 15mm/2.8, Samyang 14mm/2.8 and Samyang 35mm/1.4.

I am engaged in the photo more than 10 years. I am mechanical engineer but I am interested also in science. For me astronomy, science and all that is connected with it is like a religion. The main interest in life is interconnected with understanding of our place in the Universe, our negligibility. And at the same time, to us the magnificent chance to contemplate all beauty of the Universe dropped out. It is a microcosm and a macrocosmos, that us surrounds all, all from what we are made, subjects, animals and organisms, all this parts of the huge circulation of chemical elements in the Universe. And we can touch it, we can see, understand, study it... And, above all, today we can imprint any moment, any fragment of time, and share the view of this world. The world is amazing, and in it all interest, in its knowledge, studying and saving of the saved-up information.

What I do

I am interested in the photo, science, technics, construction and design. I like to travel. Fortunately, almost all these hobbies have something in common among themselves, and don't clash. In the photo the directions of animalistics and the landscape photo are interesting. Some years I am engaged in night landscapes. I cooperate with various editions and sell the photoworks.

I am the author of the NIGHTSCAPE.RU project, gallery of Russian-speaking night photographers. In this gallery hundreds of unique pictures from all planet made our photographers, articles according to the night photo and photography of the stellar sky, reports on our actions and special expeditions are assembled.

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