Russia and the Universe!

Posted on 8 november 2016

Hi guys! There is awesome news for you and me. My story and several night shots in new november issue of Open Skies by Emirates airlines..

It's so pleasant and proud for me, many peoples all over the world can see our wild night nature of Russia, under stars and our Universe

So you can see it and read in link on the end.

ANDREW NAGY - SENIOR EDITOR: "The man behind this month’s cover story hasn’t lost that child-like obsession either. Boris Dmitriev trekked the mountainous regions of Russia to shoot his rugged, native land to a spectacular backdrop. The Milky Way shooting from the top of Mount Elbrus, the Lagoon Nebula above Koshtan Tau… if ever a series of images made you consider your place in the wider scheme of things, this could be it. For Boris, this isn’t a profession, it’s a passion: man at one, not only, with nature, but with the universe itself."

You can read a pdf file now there:

Open Skies november issue 2016

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